OSPARA has the ability to take the long, medium and short-term view, depending on client needs. We believe the key to learning is doing and clearly recognize that our solutions must mirror the practicalities of the competitive marketplace in which our clients operate.

Many institutional investors now seek sophisticated, objective outside advice - independent of the products of a particular provider.

At OSPARA, we have an unfettered capacity to look deeply at key functions and asset classes within organizations. OSPARA can thus offer invaluable guidance in order to ensure optimal results in meeting our client's needs.

OSPARA may recommend the use of pre-engineered components from our Strategic & Portfolio Alliance partners to deliver the rapid business value that our clients not only need, but also deserve.

Our Clients benefit from OSPARA's unique approach through:

  •  Independent asset allocation & risk management research and structuring advice,
  •  Selection of managers for asset classes and management styles,
  •  Negotiation of favorable terms with specialist providers,
  •  A transparent fee structure,
  •  Customized reporting service to clients.

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