OSPARA's Private Consulting Office provides services for institutional investors in traditional and alternative investment strategies as they relate to best practice in asset allocation research, manager selection research, customized asset solutions, and risk & style management research.

OSPARA's offers services that are designed for institutions and family offices that need objective advice that only honest, outside expertise can provide.

OSPARA can operate as your private research office and provide you with the benefits of an internal research facility without the need to incur the costs of establishing one in-house.

OSPARA thus serves as an ad hoc workshop for investment decision makers who need a flexible outsourcing option for specific projects.

Asset Allocation Research is a critical component of successful investing, whether in traditional or alternative investments. OSPARA makes asset allocation its topmost priority. Using proprietary software, our process combines a quantitatively-driven assessment of future economic conditions and trends with qualitative judgement.

Our asset allocation work is global in nature, spanning across asset classes and traditional & alternative investment strategies. By using portfolio optimization and stress testing tools, we identify both risk, liquidity and profit opportunities. A niche area in which we specialize is overlay management and implementation.


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