OSPARA advises institutions and family offices. Our clients are Pan-European institutional investors and include insurance companies, pension funds, private banks, commercial banks, money managers, professional advisors, charities, foundations, along with privately held family businesses.

OSPARA's consulting practice derives its unique benefits from:

  •  Strong, cooperative relationships
  •  Our ability to design and implement attractive investment solutions specific to the objectives of each client
  •  A reliable record of timely and cost-effective delivery of customized client solutions
  • Our firm works closely with clients to design an investment strategy based on the client’s objectives for their funds as a whole, as well as for each separate pool of money. This approach reflects the needs of different beneficiaries, varied time-frames and the individual risk tolerances.

    OSPARA's stated responsibilities to our clients are:

  •  To function as the frontline advocate for our client’s needs in all transactions,
  •  To be a primary provider of the most innovative options available at the most reasonable cost,
  •  To be direct, accurate and timely in responding to customer's requests,
  •  To listen, to keep an open mind, and to maintain vigilant focus on the details.
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