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At OSPARA, Risk and Style Management Research are integral to portfolio construction and successful investing. Our risk analysis and style management approach deals with a wide range of factors that alternative and traditional investing entail.

Understanding the client’s concept of risk – whether it is volatility, loss of principal, opportunity cost, correlation, etc. – is a key element in our work.

We can provide information and software to assist in analyzing and understanding the risks associated with portfolio construction, managing volatility, approaches to enhancing relative and absolute performance, and cognitive and behavioral biases.

  •  We analyze portfolio risk and performance
  •  We recommend construction and rebalancing of the client’s portfolio
  •  We aggregate and monitor risk exposures to each manager, strategy, and consolidated portfolio
  •  We evaluate various personnel, operational, legal and other business risks
  •  We recommend to the client, when and where appropriate, as to changes to the asset allocation and to managers
  • By using portfolio optimization tools and thorough stress testing, OSPARA's Investment Consulting Service will identify both risks and profit opportunities. We provide a disciplined approach to asset allocation, investment selection, implementation and risk management.

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